Blogging Anew…

My first ‘written’ post with my new blog (picture posts don’t count).

My previous blog here was my first.  It’s almost been a year since my first post (which was actually on a Blogger site, but quickly moved to Posterous so I don’t count it) and boy things have changed!  After writing my first post I sought feeback from some great people… Rob Lambert, Michael Bolton, and Henrik Andersson.  These are three Testers I respected back then, let alone now!

Each had their own flavour of feedback, and each was as valuable as the other.  So much so that it prompted my second post about ‘the community’.  I’d like to share one dot point of feedback I got from Rob (permission gained of course)…

1. Don’t have high numbers of readers as an end goal – sometimes just writing stuff down is therapy and that’s a great goal to have. If you make the writing (and sharing of ideas and experience) the priority, the blog will be genuine and the followers will come.

Damn it!  Why oh why didn’t I take that little gem in?  That said, lots of readers was never my number one goal, but it sure played a part.  It’s kind of clicked over the past few months that my writing needs to be for me; for my learning.  Hence the new blog and starting anew.  Not being selfish though, so if others find something useful while reading then it’s a bonus.

This year I plan to get along to a Rapid Software Testing course with James Bach.  So look forward to posting about that experience.  It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for over a year now, but the opportunity here in Australia is very limited.  Hoping I can convince my boss that it will be worth while, as I know it will.  Otherwise it’ll be another year before the chance presents itself again.

I also plan on learning and writing a lot more about context-driven testing.  Huge fan, but it’s difficult to put it into practice while working in such big organisations.  Maybe a goal should be for me to write about changing to a context-driven approach in a large organisation… as that’s what I plan on doing.

Anyway, I hope to enjoy the ride in 2012… hoping others can enjoy it also.

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