There is good from the CDT bad…

You must have already, but if not then read:

Here, here, here, and here (plus reply from Cem).  There are so many more, but it would take me this whole post to list them!

Cem said it himself – “Controversy good.”

Don’t get me wrong, this is sad… no more collaboration between James Bach and Cem Kaner is a definite loss to testing.  However, they haven’t had this collaboration for a while now and have we (the greater testing community) noticed?  Have we at any stage sat back and said to ourselves “hmm, it seems JB and CK are no longer collaborating”?  If you have, then you get a full ten points and a gold star for being in the know.

I wanted to focus on the good this has brought… for me personally, and I’m sure for other members of the community.  I have learned a great deal over the past week since the ‘news’ dropped.  I’ve had a bit of a history lesson on CDT and where/who it came from, I’ve learned more about the paradigm of ‘schools’, and much more.  I’m still learning writing this post.  I would not have had any of that if this had stayed under the covers.

Being a part of a few different ‘closed’ groups online, it was amazing to see the interaction take place so quickly and with so much passion.  Each contributing their own opinion, some debate, many thoughts to the future… it was truly magnificent!

Do we need a bit of controversy every now and again to produce this?  I really do hope not, but it seems that way.  The certification debate certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons.  That was one of the things that brought me into the community, as I was interested in what the ‘against’ had to offer to the debate.  That one still lingers of course, but has been done to death.

That’s my positive view of things.  Very unusual for a professional pessimist/sceptic I know.

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