Time to get my hands dirty…

It’s totally awesome, gnarly even!

My role at my current client has been redefined.  Instead of program level Test Manager I’ll now be a Test Lead.  Why is this gnarly?  Means I actually get to test!  Not only that, it’s an online banking application!  Way cool.

I’ve done bits and pieces of testing while in the TM role but nothing like what’s coming up now.

I’m looking forward to employing some test design techniques and pulling on the various amounts of information I’ve collected over the past year or so.  Things like this!  Thank you Rikard.  I’ve already started mind mapping it around this!  Thank you James and Michael.  I’m thinking about measurement.  Thank you Michael.  There is so much more… you get the picture.

4 thoughts on “Time to get my hands dirty…

  1. I´m also acting as a test lead and do some test work myself. It is bug hunting time at this moment. with Session Based ET. I find bugs which are really service affecting. Processing of data come to a full stop due to all the error injection in the test data. It is already causing a delay of the planned ship date. Have fun and happy hunting.

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