Weinberg Fever!

If it’s a disease, I’ve got it.  I blame Scott Barber.  ;0)

You see I’m writing a book, and through the process Scott pointed me to:

So I land on one of my fave online book stores, locate it, and add it to my cart.  The problem arose from my search method.  I searched via ‘Gerald Weinberg’.  Why was this a problem… because it added ALL of his books to the search results (to be expected, I know).  So instead of buying just the above book, upon checkout my cart also contained these gems:

  • The Secrets of  Consulting: a Guide to Getting and Giving Advice Successfully – Gerald M. Weinberg
  • More Secrets of Consulting: The Consultant’s Tool Kit – Gerald M. Weinberg
  • An Introduction to General Systems Thinking – Gerald M. Weinberg

A terrible problem to have, I know.  ;0)

I may need to give up a hobby to make time for all of these!

9 thoughts on “Weinberg Fever!

  1. In case you’re interested, you got 4 of my top 5 Jerry books… the only one you are “missing” is Perfect Software. 🙂

    • “missing” from that list maybe, but it already takes pride of place on my growing book shelf! ;0)

      Love it!

      Seriously though dude, inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes… it even has a pony tail occasionally.

  2. I think I have the affliction too – two books written with Donald Gause are “Are your lights on?” (very good!) and “Exploring requirements” (old, but good and insightful) – and of course, there is the QSM series, argh! the list goes on…..

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