AST Article Published

I’ve had an article published by the Association for Software Testing

Observation, Inference, Oracle – Check it out here.

Thanks goes to Matt Heusser for his review many months ago.  :0)

Disclaimer – I wrote it earlier this year and the oracle heuristics have since been updated… as of just this week they are now FEW HICCUPPS:

– familiarity
– explainability
– world (that means: consistency between the state of the world, and any data or program state that represents the world)
– history
– image
– comparable products
– claims
– user expectations
– product
– purpose
– statutes

Thank you to James Bach for letting me know ASAP.

I must also correct my credit of the F which is actually with James, Cem Kaner for the S, and RST students for the E & W.  My sincere apologies to those wonderful people.

One thought on “AST Article Published

  1. It seems like a fun game to play that can also aid in ones learning of observations, inferences and oracles. I think just by reading it I can piece together how to do it on my own. Good article!

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