OZWST is coming…

The Australian Workshop on Software Testing (OZWST) is in planning.  I’m pretty excited about this as we’re looking at some stellar attendees (yes, we will have an overseas visitor to lead us through our first OZWST journey).

The official website will be the place for all the updates and I’ll do my best to keep them coming.

This has been inspired by the KWST series of Peer CONFERences (two down and plenty more to come).  So thanks to my ANZAC brother Brian Osman for providing the inspiration.  :0)  It will likely stay in line with the famous LAWST format, and will be great for little old Adelaide and software testing in Australia.

It will be an invite only event and will hopefully provoke a lot of thought for a great bunch of thinking testers.

Keep an eye on the website.  ;0)

6 thoughts on “OZWST is coming…

  1. Brother – this is fantastic for Australia and the testing profession down under! You are a leader that is making waves and really looking to improve the craft. I’m glad that you came to KWST (the reason you were invited was the passion and leadership you showed online – the invite was a gimme :))
    OZWST WILL BE the conference that will actually achieve SOMETHING – well done and I think that you’re probably the only person at the moment that has the energy to drive this.

    Let it be known that DG is the founder of the first (and only) peer conference of its type in Australia.

    • BJ my man… thanks for the kind words. Like I said recently (and as you well know) it takes a lot of motivation to drive something like this.

      It seems to come in waves for me. There will be a few weeks where everything comes together and everyone seems fired up about it… then there’s weeks where all that motivation takes a back seat and it all seems too hard.

      But we push on (people like you and I). It’ll be awesome, and it’s a HUGE shame you can’t make it. Maybe a future OZWST in the eastern states. ;0)

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