Animal Testers…

During OZWST the wonderful Mike Talks tweeted the following (after some general discussion)…

@MartialTester @imccowatt #KWST came up with the idea of Possum Testers. You need an OZ equivalent @bjosman

I’d like to share with you what followed, as I love it…

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @MartialTester @imccowatt @bjosman Erm – of course Possum Testers are context dependent. In NZ the possum is a toxic menace. But in OZ?

Rob Lugton ‏@spirited_tester @TestSheepNZ @martialtester @imccowatt @bjosman not so toxic, but just as noisy when jumping around on your roof!

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @MartialTester @spirited_tester @imccowatt @bjosman Kangaroo Testers = expected to hop in at last moment & test? As testing is at the end

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @MartialTester @spirited_tester @imccowatt @bjosman Crocodile Requirements=they lie in wait & go ignored until they bite your arm off

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @MartialTester @spirited_tester @imccowatt @bjosman Koala Testers=they cling on to old ways and scripts, looking terrified in face of change

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @MartialTester @spirited_tester @imccowatt @bjosman Tasmanian Devil Testers = well, they just leave a mess behind them.

Rob Lugton ‏@spirited_tester @TestSheepNZ @martialtester @imccowatt @bjosman frilled-neck lizard testers = cause one hell of a scene whenever anything is out of place.

Susanne ‏@suezzun @TestSheepNZ @MartialTester @spirited_tester @imccowatt@bjosman you made may day 🙂 my favorite so far is crocodile requirements 😀

Rob Lugton ‏@spirited_tester @MartialTester @testsheepnz @imccowatt @bjosman Snake tester = lurks in the shadows, turns aggressive when poked… prone to biting.

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @MartialTester @spirited_tester @imccowatt @bjosman Scripting Ticks=paralyse testers to script before they’re allowed to test.

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @MartialTester @spirited_tester @imccowatt @bjosman Agile Platypus=defies labels & description. Has characteristics of tester, dev, BA, DB

Rob Lugton ‏@spirited_tester @TestSheepNZ @martialtester @imccowatt @bjosman reports of agile platypus testers dismissed as a hoax…

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @MartialTester @spirited_tester @imccowatt @bjosman Emu Defects=It is a bird, BUT IT DOES NOT FLY! #itsNotSupposedTo #context

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @MartialTester @spirited_tester @imccowatt @bjosman Pelican Consultants = just wait until you get the bill.

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @spirited_tester @MartialTester @imccowatt @bjosman Problem is a lot of ducks are now billing themselves as platypuses.

Rob Lugton ‏@spirited_tester @TestSheepNZ @martialtester @imccowatt @bjosman wombat testers = can’t be stopped when focused, even when hit by a truck!

Mike Talks ‏@TestSheepNZ @MartialTester careful reporting this in front of @charrett – she only knows me as the Wile E Coyote tester. She’ll think I’m ACME certified

Rob Lugton ‏@spirited_tester @TestSheepNZ @martialtester @imccowatt @bjosman echidna tester = sticking nose in where not wanted. Rolls up and goes all prickly when poked

So, what do you think?  Sure made me laugh… huge thanks to Mike Talks and Rob Lugton for the smiles.

If you have any more, please share.

PS: There was talk of brown snake testing, but also references to something else along those lines… I’ve left those couple off.

PPS: One more that made me chuckle…

Iain McCowatt ‏@imccowatt @TestSheepNZ @martialtester And biting the heads off bats…no…sorry…that’s #OZFEST

3 thoughts on “Animal Testers…

  1. Lemming tester – quotes – “Well everybody else is going this way…” . “The requirements SAY we need to run off that cliff”…. “Understanding is not required, only obedience!” (ok – that last one was Mimbari tester!)

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing this conversation that was going on behind the scenes during OZWST. Too funny!

    I wonder how you were able to keep a straight face while that was going on! Remind me never to play poker with you!

    I know a few Dingo Testers = looks like a tester, sounds like a tester, but lurking beneath the surface is a disaster waiting to happen.

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