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Ever since my very first blog post, almost two years ago now, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing.  I’m not really sure what I enjoy most about it, I just like doing it.  I’ve never been a big reader, so maybe writing is my outlet (even if it took me thirty years to realise it).  It also helps to be writing about things that I’m passionate about, and having a personal blog allows me to say what I really want to at the same time.  I don’t think I’ve called anyone an idiot yet, but I could if I felt the need.  That’s comforting in a strange kind of way.

I’ve always been the one that aims to please… the nice guy that generally stays well and truly seated on the fence as not to upset either side of particular debates.  Over the past few years this has started to change, and writing has helped that (I believe).

Along with the personal blog posts, there have been articles of various shapes and sizes,  the corporate blog posts, and the commencement of my book.  The latter is still under wraps and likely a long way off but I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Weinberg on Writing has helped immensely with that.  The words seem to flow well for me most of the time.  Of course there are times where nothing bubbles to the surface, but the break away from it also helps… so it’s not big deal.

Both Matt Heusser and Peter Koevari have been great motivators for me.  Matt will regularly review and provide feedback on various articles and also help point me in the right direction when getting connected to people.  Peter is an amazing author and a friend. He shows me everyday that it can be done no matter how busy you may be.

Anyway, there is a point to the this post.  It may get a little quieter around here in the foreseeable future.  I’ll be concentrating more on my book, and will also be focused on writing for a few different websites.  It’s a great opportunity that I can’t stuff up, and therefore requires more of my attention.

I’ll be sure to post here how it all progresses and where various pieces of writing are… so that you can give me HONEST feedback!  No fence sitting.  Hmm, most of you that tend to read this blog are not fence sitters anyway, so it’s all good.  ;0)

5 thoughts on “*Insert text Here*

  1. Since write up is nice but today I am missing something all about the Real Matial Tester ethos. I really like your one line “I’ve always been the one that aims to please… the nice guy that generally stays well and truly seated on the fence as not to upset either side of particular debates”.

    But I believe everyone should on either side of the discussion so that we could say something about our actual stand on any matter because man who walk in mid road succumb to accident.

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