Tasting Let’s Test

What a smashing day at Tasting Let’s Test, the prelude to Let’s Test Oz in 2014.

August 5th, 2013 in Sydney was a big day for CDT in Australia. It was the day the first ever CDT conference was held in this country. Testers from all over Australia and New Zealand made their way to an awesome CONFERence! Not to mention the fine international guests from all parts of the globe!

For me personally, this was a long term goal which was finally realised. I’m excited about the future of CDT in this country, and passionate about the betterment of our practice.

Rolling off two days of OZWST facilitation, I started the day equally amped and exhausted. There was plenty to keep me busy though, so a quick shot of coffee from the sponsored barista, and it was all go!


Registrations commenced early for a 9am introduction from yours truly.  There was instant interest in the robots! I was stoked to see every chair in the venue taken, with some standing as well.

robots 2


Our Keynote speaker was Rob Sabourin from Canada who presented a talk titled ‘Value Sync’. Now, being the ‘gopher’ for the day I was too busy to hang and listen to all the talks so I can’t go into any detail, but we hope to have the slides, etc. up on the Let’s Test website ASAP.

Rob has amazing energy for what he does, and this is obvious when hearing him speak.  It was a great opener and set the energy levels high for the remainder of the day.


After the first break Erik Petersen took to the stage along side the opening of the Let’s Test Lab which was situated in the adjoining room. Erik’s talk was titled ‘Introducing an Exploratory Testing Framework’, and was well received by all in attendance. After Erik’s talk all attendees made there was to the Let’s Test Lab for some facilitated exercises testing some software from Atlassian (our Lab partners for the day), along with more robots and dice games!



We were all super impressed with every body’s smooth transition into the Let’s Test Lab and testing was underway within minutes of Erik finishing his talk. Everyone appeared to LOVE the Let’s Test Lab. Even after everyone was notified that lunch had been served, most tables in the Lab were still full! It had a fantastic vibe, and a HUGE thank you to Richard Robinson, Ale Moreira, Lee Hawkins, Andrew Robins, and of course Atlassian!


lunch 1 lunch 2 lunch 3

lunch 4

The food was delicious, and the lunch time networking and CONFERing was fantastic!

Next up was Anne-Marie Charrett with her talk titled ‘Building a Context-Driven Test Team. Some wonderful insights into what motivates a team and what to look for when selecting testers!


Anne-Marie was followed by Tim Coulter with his talk titled ‘Agile Testing in Silicon Alley’. I did mange to relax for a while and take this one in. I had spoken to Tim earlier in the day and was excited to see some of the finer details of this talk. Tim covered the last 6 years of his working life, which has involved 6 different start-ups. It was great getting a comparison of each and finding out what sort of testing was involved and how it differed from start-up to start-up. A very important message… only 3 of the 6 did automation! Think about that for a moment…

After the next break was Rajesh Mathur with his talk titled ‘Context-Driven Testing in a Mission Critical Environment’. I didn’t see a lot of this one, but it appeared that Rajesh spent a good amount of time explaining his current context and how CDT fit in.

It was then time for our closing keynote from Henrik Andersson titled ‘For Those About to Rock…’. This opened up with ACDC’s classic of the same name while many pictures of Let’s Test Europe were displayed. This is Let’s Test’s theme song, and sums up the event perfectly. Henrik went on to explain the history of Let’s Test and why we want it to ROCK here in Oz. So look out 2014, coz we’re coming for ya!

Finally, a wrap up of the Let’s Test Lab results and prizes from Richard Robinson and Atlassian, then a quick closing from yours truly. We then made a bee line to the sponsored drinks and the King St Brew House.

So all in all, a stellar day. Next’s years 3 day all inclusive event will be even better!

Watch this space (oh, and this space).

I would also like to personally thank both Anne-Marie Charrett and Henrik Andersson for their partnership to get this thing off the ground! They both Rock!  \m/

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