Busy Few Months…

As the title eludes to, it’s been a busy few months (well, probably six) for me.

OZWST: What a great couple days we had in Sydney this year. I’m writing a full Grant Report for the AST, so keep an eye out for that. Also, Dean Mackenzie is putting an article together for the next edition of OzTester, so there should be plenty of love (aka information) to go around.

Tasting Let’s Test: This was awesome and I wrote a little review on this site. Also, this was hard work… very hard work. Anyone who has ever put together a conference of this scale knows what I’m talking about. It was put on to give the Australian audience a ‘taste’ of what’s in store for Let’s Test Oz being held in 2014, however also provided us (the organisers) with valuable information on how to put it together. This will help us to make Let’s Test Oz even better! If you want to be part of a growing community of testers here in Australia (and beyond) then keep an eye on this one.

New job: After 2.5 years with my previous company I was approached by Innodev, a local Adelaide company that really is quite awesome. I’m only a week in, but what I’ve seen so far impresses me. A colleague and I will be building the testing practice and I’m looking forward to greater flexibility in approach and developing something that we can all be proud of. Smarter testing will be on the menu!

Writing: I’ve continued to write wherever possible. My book is coming along slowly, although getting people’s time for reviews is proving very difficult. I’ll keep working on it. I also have an article in the pipeline for one of the more prominent software magazines and I’m just about to dive head first into their editing process. I’m looking forward to it as I hope to learn more about my writing and how I can tailor it to suit various audiences. If it gets through, you’ll read about it here as I’ll be super excited!

Speaking proposal: On the subject of super excited… my proposal for STARCanada was recently accepted! Looks like I’ll be doing my first international speaking gig in 2014. Now, this may not be a big deal to many… but ever since I decided to throw myself at testing and be an active member of the community I have wanted to speak at conferences. This will be that goal accomplished, and hopefully I can learn a lot from it so that I can continue to do it. I have already had loads of offers for support and review, so I’m humbled and will take them up without hesitation! I have many people to thank for the motivation and inspiration, and will do that in due course.

Life! Well, I’ll keep that to myself however I will say that I do have an amazingly supportive wife who gives me so much time to do all of the above and more! Oh, and the new season of Breaking Bad (the last – weep) is rocking!  \m/

Looking forward to the rest of 2013, and most definitely 2014!

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