WTANZ 18 – Why…

…did it take me so lone to get involved in one of these?

WTANZ 18 took place on Saturday and it was only by chance that I got involved. I had just sat down to check emails and PING… a little reminder from WTANZ that they were starting in 15 minutes. My daughter had just sat down to watch a movie and my wife was reading a book, so… why not?

Burrowing into Bugs was the title of the session and it was great! I won’t go into any great detail as the transcript is available via the first link above. I will say that while the initial bug hunt was fun, the most value, for me, came from the discussion after it. It was great to take a closer look at a couple of bugs and discuss how these rated. Obviously there were more questions than answers… which was terrific. This meant that many participants were searching for context rather than making really bold assumptions.

It was important for me to recognise that it all came back to business value. I.e. What we would do in these situations (if real life testing scenarios) would be driven by what value it had for the business. Would we spend time investigating certain bugs? Well, that would depend…

Another noteworthy take away for me was realising that I had been missing out! There have been quite a few WTANZ sessions of late, and this was the first I had attended. Shame on me, and lesson learned!

I hope I’m free for the next one, and I hope others are too!

Thanks to Dean Mackenzie and Ale Moreira for bringing these bad boys back to life.  😉

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