Python is go (again)!

A while back I wrote about my Python course on Code Academy (who now appear to be CodeCademy) not responding

I let it go while I started the HTML & CSS course and then got busy with work, life, etc. After a recent piece of ‘I really should learn to code’ motivation, I decided to head back and see if the problem had been fixed.


So, I’m back at it and enjoying it just as much as before. There is one lesson that is obvious to me… you need to stick with it and therefore interruptions are a pain in the a**e!

I find that I get myself into an awesome rhythm, then I have to leave it for a day or so, then… I’ve lost it again! It’s really frustrating, and I can see why I’ve let it slip for so long.

Anyway, I’ll keep plugging away.



3 thoughts on “Python is go (again)!

  1. Heya Dave,

    That Python course was a good introduction to the language (as was the Javascript one). The hardest part I found with learning to code was practicing beyond the confines of the course, because if you’re not doing it at work (or on a daily basis) it’s very easy to let those newly-found skills atrophy quickly. I have used small practical projects (e.g. screen-scrape some data off a particular web-page and store it) to help stay sharpish once those courses were finished.

    I notice your last post was almost a year ago… nice symmetry! In any case, good luck and hang in there, programming skills can be quite useful at times!


  2. Python is a great choice, seems to be programmer-friendly. I had Python training in my last job, but not much opportunity to use it. I found some courses online at O’Reilly. They have good reviews, but the prices could be more friendly, even with discounts ๐Ÿ˜‰

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