A Special Let’s Test Oz Thank You

Obviously there are many people to thank when pulling together a conference like Let’s Test Oz; however there are two special people that need to be called out…

Anne-Marie Charrett and Henrik Andersson, my wonderful co-organisers.

Around 18 months ago I reached out to Henrik in his capacity as Let’s Test organiser. I had tried another conference, but the organisers were not interested in a new location for their ‘brand’ (for lack of a better term). Henrik’s immediate reply was one of overwhelming positiveness. His willingness to make it happen was all I needed to forge ahead.

Henrik advised that I really needed a local group that could assist, as he knew full well how much work it takes to get a conference of this scale off the ground. Anne-Marie and I had already shared emails about a new software testing conference Downunder. With STANZ and Fusion no longer happening there was a gap; a gap that we wanted to fill with a new style of conference. Let’s Test was that style.

I’m so very glad that Anne-Marie and I found each other for this. From day one (all that time ago) Anne-Marie has worked tirelessly. She was the organiser ‘on the ground’; the local Sydney-sider that did the leg work required. This was also the case for our prequel, Tasting Let’s Test, which really set the scene for Let’s Test Oz and gave people a taste for what we were all about.

So, from the bottom of my heart…

Thank you Henrik for saying YES! Thank you for remaining positive throughout and sharing all your knowledge in relation to conference organisation.

Thank you Anne-Marie for EVERYTHING. Thank you for being my partner in crime and working so incredibly hard to make this happen. A great debt is owed to you.

2 thoughts on “A Special Let’s Test Oz Thank You

  1. David,

    Thanks for putting this together. The trip coming to Oz (20+ hour flight) was minor, compared to what I got out from the conference. I met people I only new from twitter. I got a lot of useful information, which I can use.
    Hope you can organize it again. I will sure promote it for you.

    Thanks for the great time Down Under


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