WTANZ… You so Need a New Bike

WTANZ 25 is happening this weekend (Saturday afternoon for those of us Down Under).

I don’t often get the time to be involved in these; always full of excuses (legitimate of course). I think Ale Moreira got sick of them, so she made me host one. Hard to get out of it when it’s your gig!

I’m joking of course. I’m making it sound like I want excuses; I don’t. The few sessions that I have been a part of have been great. I’m just hoping this one can be as well.

I enjoy usability, I find it fascinating. I’m looking forward to finding out what others think about it. I hope you can join us.

You are in the market for a new bicycle. You’re a conscientious member of your community so you’re keen to buy from a local retail shop and do your bit for local business. You’re also a savvy shopper and know that you need to try before you buy. You therefore set out to explore the local bicycle shop websites to see what they have available before making the journey in on foot.” 

Let’s all come together at WTANZ and be that buyer. We will use Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design and discuss how the local bicycle shop websites shape up!


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