ET Session of

I recently undertook a quick ET session of My initial mission was to practice mapping a website using a mind map, but as I went along it also began to include learning more about what the site does, and also to practice ET. I regret not timing myself, but I think I spent approx. 1 hour exploring and note taking (via the mind map below).

This was a simple yet powerful exercise for me. As I began mapping the site I quickly moved to thinking about ways it could be improved (in my opinion), exploring some of the functions, and also noticing some strange behaviour, etc.

The most powerful lesson for me was realising that I could spend a LOT more time on this exercise even when considering the site’s simple appearance. Looks can most certainly be deceiving… there is lot more to than searching!


I’ve done some simple colour coding of the map:

  • Grey – Page elements or notes.
  • Blue – Notes or the end of my thread of exploration.
  • Green – I consider the feature to be functioning as I would expect/I like it.
  • Yellow – A concern that I think warrants more consideration from either myself, or someone that can answer my question, etc.
  • Red – What I consider to be a problem for me.

Next time someone asks you to test what appears to be a simple product, be prepared for a not so simple test session!

Also, a shout out to MindMup – What a great tool!

2 thoughts on “ET Session of

  1. The Mindmap link gives an error:

    AccessDeniedAccess Denied304A07C001EB7D217IsvtphceYHaPnxDoyU8AMcocoIFTc8QTL7JNAlEvcjMqhDuyHaerOw+uOfFy8zl7XyDH7J3gNw=

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