Wonderful Words from Jerry Weinberg

Today I received some wonderful words from a man who has inspired many parts of my software testing career. Those words were in relation to my book, Software Testing as a Martial Art

“What a gift David Greenlees’ book is!

The day I received my copy, I spent all morning scanning, digging, smiling, nodding appreciatively. It’s a wise book, and I’m recommending it to all the testers (and others) I know.

But prepare yourself. This insightful book shows the reader that testing is like a martial art in a number of ways—ways essential for testers to understand. A caution though, about a way this book itself is like a martial art:

Beginners may simply not understand much of what Software Testing as a Martial Art has to say until they have practiced. Very few people begin their testing careers by applying principles they’ve read about, no more than I did when I began testing (or a martial art). So, though Software Testing as a Martial Art is a book testers should read at the beginning of their testing careers, it’s also a book they should re-read every year as their experience grows. I know I plan to re-read it every year on my birthday.

I also plan to continue my study of Aikido, my preferred martial art. Thanks to Software Testing as a Martial Art, I now understand that every Aikido practice will also improve my testing art.” – Jerry Weinberg

Thank you Jerry, I couldn’t be happier.

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