Good Books

The following is a list of books I’ve read or am going to read (in no particular order).  Being that the title of this page is ‘Good Books’ if I read one and it isn’t so good, I’ll remove it.  However, those that I have not read do come highly recommended.

Lessons Learned in Software TestingCem Kaner (Author), James Bach (Author), Bret Pettichord (Author)

How to Reduce the Cost of Software TestingVarious Authors – Matthew Heusser (Editor), Govind Kulkarni (Editor)

Perfect Software: And Other Illusions about TestingGerald M. Weinberg (Author)

Testing Computer Software, 2nd EditionCem Kaner (Author), Jack Falk (Author), Hung Q. Nguyen (Author)

Managing the Testing Process: Practical Tools and Techniques for Managing Hardware and Software TestingRex Black (Author)

The Book of Five RingsMiyamoto Musashi (Author), Thomas Cleary (Translator)

The Art of WarSun Tzu (Author), Samuel B. Griffith (Translator), B. H. Liddell Hart (Foreword)

I am a BugRobert Sabourin (Author)

Everyday Scripting with Ruby: For Teams, Testers, and YouBrian Marick (Author)

Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar – How Self-Education and the Pursuit of Passion Can Lead to a Lifetime of Success James Bach (Author)

Weinberg On Writing Gerald M. Weinberg (Author)

The reasons why I consider these ‘good’ are many and varied.  Happy to share my thoughts if you contact me.