Learn Python (the Kids Way)

This one is for you Teri Charles


For others…

I’ve decided to learn to code!  My chosen language is Python.  Why?  I have no idea.  Well, not really.  It was Python or Ruby.  I had started Ruby on a few occasions on Code Academy, and it very quickly moved to the back ground.  I won’t blame the Ruby language for my lack of motivation, but something has clicked with Python.

It was actually a developer on client site that suggested it.  Although, it had been suggested to me many moons ago by James Bach or Michael Bolton, can’t recall which one exactly, but that was way back when I was really only starting to learn about context driven testing… so had bigger fish to fry.

Right from the very first Code Academy lesson I’ve been hooked!  It seems logical to me (so far) which has to be a good sign, right?

Teri suggested the above book via Twitter when I put the call out to the masses on good Python resources.  Even though it may seem a bit strange, what better place to start than were a kid is supposed to.

I’ve been told that it’s quite a powerful language, and is very useful in testing.  By the way, I’m not doing this to become a developer, just so I can be a better tester.  Oh, and also by the way, I still firmly believe that you don’t HAVE to know how to code to be an excellent tester.  My foot will remain firmly placed in that camp.

I also need to thank my CDT brothers from down under for their motivation and continued support… Oliver Erlewein, Brian Osman, Richard Robinson, and Aaron Hodder.  All posting at http://hellotestworld.com/ with yours truly.  A most excellent bunch of dudes!


2 thoughts on “Learn Python (the Kids Way)

  1. Python is very powerful, great choice. One recommendation, check out the Udacity.com course on software testing. The class uses Python to teach testing, and there are great exercises. My favorite, you are given an interface to code, the code is seeded with 5 bugs. Your mission, find all 5 bugs with your tests.

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